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Updated on 07/07/2024

Schedule Settings (v2) #

Overview. #

Upon first accessing the schedule settings page, two horizontal bars will be displayed, symbolizing the 24-hour charge and discharge plans. After a schedule is implemented, these bars will be color-coded to indicate the specific charge and discharge intervals. Below the schedule bars, a single button labeled “Add Time Block” enables the addition of a time segment, initiating the scheduling process.

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Admin Notice

New Menu Structure

In readiness for an update to the app, the following changes have been made to the menu structure.

A new top level “Schedule” menu has been added. It’s expected you will access this frequently. Under the top level “Schedule” menu you will find:

  • Schedule Summary Table (previously found under the Dashboard menu)
  • Charge and Discharge Schedule Settings (previously found as separate tabs under the settings)
  • Activity Summary (previously found under the Dashboard menu)
  • Activity Log (previously found under the Dashboard menu)

The “Settings” Menu has been renamed “MyEO Account Settings” and has been moved to the “Account” menu. It now only contains settings that you should need initially / infrequently.

Admin Notice

Octopus Economy 7 Tariff Compatibility

An issue with collecting tariff data for those on Economy 7 has been identified. At this time we can not reliably get the time periods for switching between day rates and night rates for individual accounts. As such the service is not currently compatible with Economy 7. We apologise for the inconvenience, and we are exploring ways we can resolve this. If you have subscribed and are on Economy 7 please get in touch via the contact form.