For now, the service works with Octopus Energy and GivEnergy Inverters. It doesn’t matter what Octopus Tariff you have opted for, it will work with any. The intention is to expand the inverters supported in the future. This will take some time, and will in part prioritise those inverters which are requested most often. However, not all inverters will be able to be integrated. This page will be updated with a list of Inverters that have been initially assessed for integration in early 2024.
After you first sign up we recommend that you enable Two factor Authentication. There is a separate FAQ to explain what this is, but it is accessible in the settings. 2FA significantly reduces the risk of someone else accessing our service with your credentials so it is highly recommended. We use it for our admin access. To set up the service, you need to work through the settings in order, first entering the details of your electricity and solar inverter accounts, and then by entering the settings to make the app work as you prefer. If you re-enter your account details, your previous history for that account will be deleted so please be aware. You can change / tweak your settings without affecting your historical data. Once complete, you should start to see data available by examining the various charts. You will also be able to see our first forecast for tomorrow’s energy use and generation in the Optimiser. If you do have nay problems, please reach out.
Optimise Charge works in two different ways. If you have an Octopus Agile import tariff, MyEO will recognise this and give you the option to automatically set your inverter to charge in the cheapest time slots. If you have a non-agile tariff, you can choose to automatically charge your batteries when the import price is less than your chosen threshold.
Between 20:00 and 22:00 MyEO gets the latest weather forecast, calculates the energy needed from your battery, and should you choose it, automatically sets your inverter’s target State of Charge (SoC) accordingly.
Optimise Discharge Export Mode recognises if you have an Octopus Export tariff set up. If you do, MyEO will give you the option to automatically discharge your battery when the export price is higher than your import price, to maximise your export income. Optimise Discharge Threshold Mode monitors your import price, and should you choose to, will automatically discharge your battery when the price is over a threshold, aiming to reduce your import.
We use the installation details of your PV array that you have entered in the settings, to estimate the generation via a 3rd party weather forecasting service. Your property location (Latitude and Longitude), array size, declination and azimuth are shared with the 3rd party to allow this. Forecasts are taken every 8 hours, with the final forecast of the day used for automatic setting of the target battery charge. As we can’t be sure of the exact installation details, we allow you to include a margin on the generation forecast. This could be beneficial if you have shading on your PV array for example. As with all weather based services, the accuracy can not be guaranteed, and therefore allowing a margin is also sensible to offset for over estimation of the generation.
To allow the service to operate, we need to store data from your electricity supplier, and the meter data from your solar inverter. We also record the forecast generation so that we can compare how our forecast is comparing to your actual generation.
Your data is stored in a database hosted by our website host (fasthosts).
We want to expand the service to allow for other combinations of energy suppliers and solar inverter systems in the future. In time, we will open a poll to understand which suppliers are most sought after.
Please get in touch. We’re always looking to expand the features offered.
The easiest way to do this is to access the logs on your Inverter. This video explains how to do just that.
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No. The service will work with the regular scheduled slots, but will not work with the additional slots that Octopus confirm at the time you plug in your EV.
Yes. You can enter the number of separate solar arrays you have, provide settings for each array.
At the moment, MyEO only works with GivEnergy. An initial review of alternatives is planned in early 2024, with the intention of commencing integration in Q2 2024. There are no guarantees of what might be possible, but these are the inverter manufacturers that are currently planned for that initial review: AlphaESS, Fox ESS, GroWatt, Lux Power, SAJ, SolarEdge, SolaX, Solis, Tesla, Victron.
We evaluate the historical consumption data that is saved in your inverter to estimate your future daily demand. A seasonal adjustment is included in the calculation.
You can upgrade, downgrade and cancel your subscription in the Membership Account page. If you want to delete your account completely please contact support.
We recommend revoking your Inverter API key / token within your Inverter account as the most robust way to prevent MyEO from controlling your inverter. This advice would follow for any 3rd party access you have provided to your inverter. You can also delete the API key / token from MyEO in the inverter settings page. This will not impact your MyEO subscription, so you can add the API key back later when you’re ready for MyEO to control your inverter once again.
No. Sunsynk have confirmed that their API only provides read only access so there is no method available for me to control your inverter via the internet / cloud.
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Admin Notice

New Menu Structure

In readiness for an update to the app, the following changes have been made to the menu structure.

A new top level “Schedule” menu has been added. It’s expected you will access this frequently. Under the top level “Schedule” menu you will find:

  • Schedule Summary Table (previously found under the Dashboard menu)
  • Charge and Discharge Schedule Settings (previously found as separate tabs under the settings)
  • Activity Summary (previously found under the Dashboard menu)
  • Activity Log (previously found under the Dashboard menu)

The “Settings” Menu has been renamed “MyEO Account Settings” and has been moved to the “Account” menu. It now only contains settings that you should need initially / infrequently.

Admin Notice

Octopus Economy 7 Tariff Compatibility

An issue with collecting tariff data for those on Economy 7 has been identified. At this time we can not reliably get the time periods for switching between day rates and night rates for individual accounts. As such the service is not currently compatible with Economy 7. We apologise for the inconvenience, and we are exploring ways we can resolve this. If you have subscribed and are on Economy 7 please get in touch via the contact form.